About Us

Prudent Games was founded by Reuben Paul, who is an 8 year old prodigy. He is honored to be recognized as the youngest Shaolin-Do Kung Fu blackbelt in America, the grand prize winner of the 2014 Digital Story Telling contest, and 2007’s America’s most beautiful baby.

Prudent Games aims to make you learn as you play. In short, the time you spend playing our games directly translates to wisdom by the time you are done playing.

Prudent Games makes it possible for you and your children to “Play Wise” or we can say “Wisely Play”.

Reuben is interested in Information Security and wants to be a computer spy when he grows up. He also loves programming and writes educational games (apps) to help others learn while they play. He does KungFu, Gymnastics, inline Hockey, Swimming, Music and Art.